Zero-To-Fluent : The DIY Levantine Arabic Fluency Guidebook

*Zero-to-Fluent is a digital book. I deliver each manually, and you will receive your copy within 12 hours of purchasing.*

Here’s what you’ll gain by purchasing “Zero-to-Fluent”:

  • A full list of exactly what content to watch, listen to, and read for the next year (no more time wasted looking for great content)

  • A tried and true method that will dramatically improve your Arabic abilities

  • The peace of mind that you’re truly making progress and will become fluent one day

  • The ability to speak deeply in Arabic about your thoughts, feelings, and life in Levantine Arabic

  • The ability to authentically pronounce Levantine Arabic words

Here’s what you should expect when you’re finished with the full program:

  • The ability to understand 75% – 90% of television (without subtitles) and spoken everyday speech

  • A comfortable understanding of Lebanese and Syrian popular culture, including, songs, actors, tv shows, politics, and social issues

  • The ability for native Levantine speakers to fully understand your meaning and pronunciation when you speak

  • The ability to build genuine relationships and memories in the Middle East and with Middle Eastern people, due to your language skills


How to know if Zero-to-Fluent isn’t right for you:

  • You’re comfortable with the progress you’re making in your current system, and you’re not curious about whether you can make more progress and/or move at a faster pace

  • You have an Arabic-learning system that already working like a well-oiled machine

  • Your main goal is to master the basics in Arabic — etc. ordering a coffee, hailing a taxi, haggling in the souk — and nothing more

  • You’re interested in the Arabic language, but are not interested in learning about Arabic culture, especially popular culture