Welcome to Marhabtain!

Let’s talk about learning Levantine Arabic, shall we?

I created Marhabtain for all of us who dream to speak Levantine Arabic like native speakers, but:

  1. haven’t reached the fluency levels we desire, even though we’ve spent many hours (and years!) in Arabic class
  2. started learning Arabic through Fusha, so Levantine feels too confusing and intimidating to start
  3. feel stuck and haven’t found great resources online to learn Levantine Arabic in a fun and compelling way.
  4. can’t yet enjoy native-level tv shows, books, and music, without subtitles (and we all know most Arabic content does not have Levantine subtitles!)
  5. are tired of traditional Arabic classes and traditional language learning techniques are looking for the best self-study strategies

Lastly, Marhabtain is for anyone who almost gave up on Arabic, but has a little more fight left in them.

If that sounds like you’re in the right place, and I’m so glad to have you.

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Now that you’re here (and thank goodness you are!) there’s a lot to keep you busy. Here’s a few things I recommend to get you started:

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  5. Enjoy yourself and contact me via email if you ever want to talk!