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Why read our books in Levantine Arabic? Every book we offer at Marhabtain Arabic aims to provide learners with engaging and authentic exposure to Arabic dialects. We translate copyright-free English language books, novels and stories from authors that you already know and love.


About This Book

Synopsis: In a world where all diseases have been cured, social unrest has been eliminated, and no one dies of old age anymore -- what are humans willing to sacrifice to keep this utopia alive? Kurt Vonnegut's science-fiction classic has finally been translated into Levantine Arabic.

Book type: Ebook. The book and audiobook will be automatically uploaded to your Marhabtain account upon purchase.

Level: B1 – B2

Dialect: Syrian Arabic, but will feel especially accessible to those learning all Levantine dialects.

Page Count: 69

Genre: Science Fiction

Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Translator and Audiobook Voiceover: Majd Al-Rishani

Design: Uchechi Kalu

Audiobook preview:


How We Format Books in Levantine Arabic

Each book is designed with one purpose in mind – for you to understand and learn Arabic vocabulary as well as possible. We are aware that reading in Arabic is fatiguing. For most people, this is because of their lack of exposure to reading and their constant need to look up words. This breaks the flow of reading.

This book is designed to reduce that fatigue, so that you can spend more time continuously reading and growing your vocabulary.

The main text is designed in a format similar to a poem. Long sentences are broken down into smaller phrases. Underneath each phrase we’ve provided the original English text and translation of that phrase. Using this format, you’ll know exactly what each phrase means. And you won't have to look the phrases up one-by-one. For those familiar with Anki notecards, this format can help you create great notecards quicker than ever.

At the back of the book, we provide a secondary version of the text. This version is formatted in the traditional paragraph-style. No English translation is provided. We encourage you read the secondary text after you become more familiar with the story. This version will help build your stamina for reading Arabic-only text.

All text is presented with tashkeel (vowel markings) so that you can always know how words are pronounced. Lastly, each book is accompanied with an audiobook. We encourage you to listen as you read, thus strengthening your brain’s ability to recognize, recall, and retain new vocabulary.


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