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How I Use Google Translate to Learn to Read MSA/Fusha FAST

Y’all before we even hop into this, you need to know that I am not a purest. I know how the title of the post looks, and I own it. I am all about the cheat codes. There are so few great resources available for developing fluency in Arabic, so I use everything at my disposal.

Google Translate is one of them.

To be clear, I do not copy and paste sentence translations from my Google Translate to my Anki deck and you shouldn’t either. But the quality of Google Translate has come a faaaar way since I was in college. Now, I use Google Translate to learn how to read in MSA, and it’s helped me be able to supercharge my reading skills like never before. I want this for you too! So many Arabic students struggle with full fluency. If you want to be native level, you need to be able to speak dialect and read MSA. There’s no other way around it.

So I made a video tutorial that will show you how I’m teaching myself to do just that and how you can do the same.

What You Need

  1. The current article you’re reading. (Start with 7iber.com or Arageek.com)
  2. A spreadsheet for the sentences you want to memorize (I use Notion, you can use Google Docs and Spreadsheets.)
  3. A spreadsheet for sentences you want to ask a native speaker about (also Notion)
  4. Google Translate
  5. Anki (Read my post on Anki here.)
  6. Lughatuna Dictionary

The video is 30 minutes long, so feel free to stop, but do finish! This will help you start reading and reading FAST!

Did this video help you start reading today? Let me know in the comments below!

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