I’ve used a lot of different resources this year, before finding what I really loved. Here is a recap of the ones I enjoyed the most!

Social Media Influencer and Meme Accounts


  • Captain Abu Raed (Amazon Prime)
  • The Insult (Amazon Prime)
  • Beirut Beirut (Netflix)
  • West Beirut (Netflix)
  • The Little Wars (Netflix)

TV Shows and Comedy Specials

Language Books/Resources for English Speakers

Talk Shows


I haven’t ever read a full book in Arabic. That’s my next goal and milestone, so for Christmas, I’m getting myself, Dairy of a Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter in Arabic.



Online Forums


Music (I don’t know the nationality of all artists, but most songs are in Levantine Arabic)

  • Bu Kolthoum (anything by him is FIRE)
  • Tamer Nafer (love almost all of his music)
  • Ibn El Leil – full album by Mashrou’ Leila
  • Yalalalli – full album by Rima Khcheich
  • Toul Al Yom – full album by Nassif Zeytoun
  • Sindibad el Ward – full album by Shabjdeed & Al Nather
  • Law by Mohammad Saeed (Egyptian, but the brother is too good)
  • Ana Lahale by Elyanna (she sounds like Rihanna, it’s wild)
  • Etjawazini by Akher Zapheer
  • Abrod (feat. Haykal)
  • Kteer Ktar – Shabjdeed & Al Nather
  • Ouloulou by Maritta Hallani
  • Ana Weyak by Ziad Bourji
  • Rouh Ya Amar – Hiba Tawaji
  • Bowseflak by RIma Yussef
  • Yemken Ahal Yfel – Hiba Tawaji
  • Saro Sneen – Samer Doumet